Ways to show Gratitude This Year

By: Danielle Shulman

While 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, there is still much to be grateful for and ways to share with others. 

 What are we thankful for? Besides amazing staff and loyal customers, we have many things to be grateful for. Our favorite and probably most relatable is having a job where you can work from home. Nearly 42% of the American workforce shifted to remote working. For many of us, this helps save on travel and dining expenses while giving us more personal time and or time with our families.

Who else binged watched Netflix or their favorite show at least once this year? In all seriousness, technology has helped us communicate and stay close with family and friends afar. If you attended a zoom meeting in your pajamas or a virtual happy hour, then you probably love technology! 

One of the best things about technology is the instant access to news, information, adorable pet videos, and the world around us. Whether you like your paper online or to get your news from your Facebook feed, there is no doubt that it is easier than ever to find the information you need instantly.

Good health and fun ways to stay active are very important to us. Although we were asked to social distance ourselves from others, many of us took this as an opportunity to evaluate our daily routines, what we ate, and how we exercised. How many of you tried a new recipe, joined an online fitness class, or know someone who bought a Peloton?

On the previous blog, readers were asked to talk about how they're keeping their minds healthy.  Click to read more.  

Now that we shared some of what we are thankful for, we want also to inspire you to spread a little gratitude towards others. Below are some of our favorite ways to help others. Check them out.

Who doesn’t love receiving a letter in the mail? A handwritten note or card still holds a lot of meaning in the digital world, especially to older relatives. It is a great way to send a pleasant surprise and cheer someone up. 

Virtual family get-togethers are a fun and safe way to reach your family throughout the world. Even if they aren’t celebrating a US Thanksgiving, invite them anyway. Share your American tradition with your family around the world. Everyone can share their favorite recipe, play fun games, and share what they are thankful for. For us, it is yummy pumpkin pie!

You probably spent a lot of time online, especially Pinterest lately, so why not take some of those boards and bring them to life. Take some of your favorite inspirational quotes and make an inspiration board. Or, you can write your favorite affirmations or things you are thankful for and place them in a jar to start a Gratitude Jar. Pull one out and start each day with some positivity.  Here's a link with steps on how to start your own Gratitude Jar.

Just because things are very different, it doesn’t mean we cannot find inspiration or ways to help others. It may take some creativity, but it is possible to take something good from such a strange year.

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