What Keeps SUAVS Mates’ Minds Healthy?

We asked our followers what keeps their minds and bodies healthy, not just during these difficult times but also daily. Here are some of their replies: 

“Hiking with this dude as he smells every blade of grass, marks every tree, and waits for me as I walk down hills slowly with my old knees. Time with him keeps us both sane.” -F. Moseley

“First – thanks so much for bringing awareness to World Mental Health Day! It’s so important that we practice self-awareness and other-awareness in this way, particularly. As an Active Duty U.S. Naval Officer, I cannot overstate the value and importance of our Sailors making time to meditate, laugh, hit the gym, read, pray, etc. It’s amazing to see how restorative these practices can be, and even more inspiring to observe just how much more fluidly we work together as a team doing the nation’s work when we’ve been able to devote time to caring for ourselves. Second – “How do you keep your mind healthy?”: On Sunday mornings here on board RONALD REAGAN, a good buddy of mine and I head up to the Flight Deck or Flag Bridge to just shoot the s***hit and speak our minds about the past and future weeks’ hopes/failures/etc. It’s a small kindness to make space in an environment like ours, afloat, for honest, vulnerable conversation. We challenge each other, and value the small steps we’re each taking to improve ourselves and others. We celebrate small and big wins alike, and afford each other grace in moments of loss or sorrow. Stepping into and out of our individual headspace has been a really critical way to remind ourselves of our oneness with each other and humanity more broadly. Pic for tribute. Also, we’re celebrating the 245th birthday of the U.S. Navy this week, too, so there’s that!” Thanks again and all my best. -Becca

“For me the toughest thing I learned about mental health, is that just because you work on yourself, the company you keep is even more important. If a loved one has similar issues and they decide not to work on it, it’s never going to truly get better. Being around good people is sometimes a sacrifice we have to make... but you’ll feel better once you ditch the toxic friends and family. Be independent and you’ll never rely on others for your own happiness and never be dragged down by others’ negatively.”  -Laura K.

“This year has been pretty tough for everyone. What I’ve been doing to keep myself grounded is going out for a jog. I find that jogging early in the day typically puts me in a good mood and sets me up for a more positive and productive rest of the day. And while I’m jogging, I try to focus on taking in my surroundings and the scenery, instead of thinking about my problems and what’s inside of my head. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your mind.” -Monxi G.

“For me, being in nature and on the water kayaking is such a great escape from the daily stressors of work and society. Simply being in nature helps to reduce stress and remain optimistic. The addition of water adds another dimension to relaxation, with calming effects as you bob and float across the water. This “meditation in motion” allows me to focus on the repetitive paddling movements, releasing all worry and tension.” -Stephanie K.

“For me, health is not only my eating well and working out. Writing in my personal journal, meditating and doing Yoga or Pilates is key. I believe that balance in all aspects of my life will help me be stronger every day.” -Cindy A.

We love all of the beautiful stories our followers shared. SUAVS greatly appreciates this community and we hope to continue to empower positivity and good health.   

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