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We asked SUAVS users to share their #SUAVSlife adventures
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My SUAVS took me to South Korea! I celebrated the last days of my 20s in my SUAVS in Seoul! The comfiest shoes on an incredible journey.



After wrapping up my sixth year teaching Kindergarten, I took my SUAVS to Bali and wore them down this 400m descent to Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida Island! The fact that I can easily wash my SUAVS is great, since I needed to freshen them up to get ready for the rest of my summer stop Dubai and then Cairo!


I bought my first pair of SUAVS before heading to Croatia. This trip was especially important to me because it’s been the trip I’ve begged my Dad to take. He’s always talked about heading to the “motherland”, Croatia the place where his grandparents immigrated into the United States. Finally, Dad agreed! He’s never been out of the country and somehow has a daughter that is consumed by wanderlust. So, we made the trip from Dallas to Zagreb. While in Croatia, we traveled many miles- by plane, by car and on foot, - to see and experience as much as possible in 10 days. It was the trip of a lifetime with one of my best friends. As a side note, my SUAVS were the perfect travel shoe and exploring the cities shoe!


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