The Best SUAVS Based On Your Favorite Dog Breed

Just like people, dogs have personalities that range from timid to excitable, clingy to independent, and introverted to extroverted. The type of dog breed you love most typically compliments who you are as an individual. 

Without further ado, here are our recommendations for your next pair SUAVS based on which of the following dog breeds you like best.

Golden Retriever - Zilker in Charcoal

Ready, steady, goldens. These steadfast companions are perfect family dogs. The Zilker in charcoal is a can’t-miss shoe for just about anyone, just like the All-American Golden Retriever. 

Bulldog - Barton in Slate on Gum

Dependable and predictable, Bulldogs are sweet and laid-back companions. The Barton in Slate on Gum goes with just about any outfit and is perfect for taking it easy with your smushy-faced furry friend.

Labrador Retriever - Zilker in Olive Green

The Labrador Retriever is often ranked as the top dog for families in the US, and it’s easy to understand why. These friendly pups are great with kids and LOVE adventures. The Zilker in Olive Green is built for exploring, just like Labs.

Great Dane - Eddy in Slate

Don’t be intimidated by their size. Great Danes are loving, gentle giants. These laid-back dogs are some of the laziest out there and live for lounging by the pool or settling into Netflix. The Eddy Slide is our most relaxed pair of shoes; ideal for the beach and do-nothing days. 

Dachshund - Classic in Butter

Dachshunds are a unique small breed with a funny appearance, but don’t be deceived! They’re excellent watchdogs and have fun personalities. The Classic Sneaker in butter is just like a dachshund; timeless with a dash of spunk.

Cocker Spaniel - Classic in Denim

Cocker spaniels are a great match for families who want to keep things simple with a smaller breed but have an affinity for dogs with fun-loving dispositions. The Classic Sneaker in denim fits almost every personality and lifestyle, just like our wavy-eared friends

Poodle - Zilker in Grey & Red

Contrary to their prim and proper appearance in dog shows, Poodles are an intelligent and athletic breed that loves to play in the water and be close to their people. Slip on The Zilker for a walk with your curly-haired companion.

Basset Hound - Legacy in Timber

Bassett hounds are sweet, stubborn, and can catch a scent like it’s going out of style. These droopy-eared pups are best known for their tracking abilities and stocky, dopey appearance. The Legacy is SUAVS' most durable style and is perfect for exploring wooded trails with your Bassett.

Does your personal style match your favorite dog breed? Let us know your results in the comment below!

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  • gary

    having lived with 6 BOXERS – (and a handful of strays) – I’m very much addicted

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