SUAVS 2021 Favorite Gifts

Our yearly Holiday Gift Guide is here!  For the adventurer, the busy bee or the comfy lounger, we’ve curated a list of our favorite gifts for each person on your list.  Check out the list below:

For the Comfort Seeker

1. A pair of Cozy Insoles.  Slip these warm shearling insoles into any pair of shoes to instantly turn them into a pair of comfy slippers.  These bear soles are designed with a bouncy heel and arch for added support.  Shop Here


2. A pair of Grey on Red Zilkers.  What’s better than a comfy pair of slip-on shoes that match your holiday spirit and can be worn from lounging at home, family dinners, to running errands and spontaneous adventures.  Shop Here

The Zilker Grey Red
3. The Perfect Fireside Bundle.  A comfy cable knit beanie, a delicious citronella and cedar candle, and a handwoven nipomo blanket are the perfect gift for those that enjoy sipping some hot chocolate while reading a book by the fireplace or roasting marshmallows by the fire. Shop Here
outdoor bundle

For the Health Enthusiast

1. A starter pack for healthy broth.  Kettle & Fire makes the best organic broths on the market and when we found out they now have a 100% Vegan option, we were ecstatic!  They say the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, and what better way than some comfy, healthy, soup to warm the soul?  Click Here


Kettle and Fire Vegetable Broth


2. A Subscription to a Meditation app.  Taking care of your health also means taking care of your mind.  And what a more perfect gift than a subscription to our favorite meditation app: Waking Up, which features both guided and silent meditations for beginners and experts and longer conversations with world-renowned experts.  Click Here

3. A Turmeric based cleansing froth.  This quick and easy to use gentle cleansing foam not only has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant effects, it also acts as a makeup remover.  Shop Here

raeka turmeric soap


For the Jet Setter

1. A Travel sized linen spray.  This mini linen spray bottle will ensure your sheets always smell fresh, even while traveling.  Pack this in your bag for aromatherapy on the go!  Shop Here


2. A packable backpack.  This ultra light and waterproof backpack is the perfect everyday carrier.  Pack it in your travel bag for easy, one bag travel.  Shop Here


3. A do-everything pair of Shoes.  The Legacy high tops act as sneakers, boots, and even slippers.  Their weather-proof toe cap protects your feet from rainy weather, while their breathable fabric keeps your feet cool.  With a wider toe box and soft, slip-on knits, these packable high tops are perfect for wearing all day from sightseeing to light hikes.  Shop Here



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