Spring Cleaning Guide: From Your House to Your Suavs

Spring cleaning is a great way to declutter, dust off the remnants of winter, and prepare for bright sunny spring days. 

This guide will help make your spring cleaning experience less of a chore and more of a fun way to bring positive energy to your home.


1.  Set the Mood with Music

A great playlist can help pump you up and put you in an energetic mood. Grab your mop and get ready to dance with these fun playlists: 


2.  Storing Away Winter

Winter gear, especially coats, can be extremely bulky. Whether you are tight on space or just want to remove every reminder of the cold, try this storage hack for your oversized coats and blankets. 

How to Use Vacuum Seal Bags 

1. Purchase large-sized vacuum seal bags. 

2. Fold clean jackets, sweaters, blankets and all of your bully items into the bag. 

3. Seal closed. 

4. Place the vacuum hose in the vacuum seal ring in the bag. 

5. Turn on the vacuum and let the air out until your items are flat. 

For delicate items like leather and cashmere, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place to preserve the material. 

Winter boots can take up a lot of space. Luckily, we have a few tricks to store them away so you can bust out your SUAVS and flip-flops. 

Tip 1: Place all your clean boots in a large storage tote or under the bed storage boxes designed for boots. 

Tip 2:  Using pant hangers and clothespins, clip your clean boots to the hangers and store them in your closet.  Storing boots helps create room on your floor and shoe rack for your spring shoes.


3. Purge Your Closet and Pantry


A new season is a great time to donate outdated, seasonal clothes you no longer enjoy wearing. 


As Marie Kondo said, “if it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t keep it.” 

Rummage through your winter clothes and any of your spring wardrobes you packed away during the winter; if you know, you won't wear any of those outfits again, box, label, and bring to your favorite donation center. 

If you are looking for suggestions on where to donate old clothes and shoes, we have partnered with Soles4Souls. Reach out to us with your donation receipt, and we will gift 200 points towards your SUAVS Rewards program. 

Many times, we forget to spring clean our pantry and fridge. You may be surprised at how many boxes of noodles or cans of veggies you bought “just in case”. Check your items for their expiration date. You can safely dispose of expired food. If the container is recyclable, be sure to discard the food properly and clean out the box.  If you still have good items but nearing their expiration, donate to your local food pantry, school, or church.


4. Freshen Up Your Space

Now is a great time to replace items around your house like pillows, air filters, water filters, and even some plants. Many of these items collect dust and need frequent replacing. 

Pillows that collect dust mites and other icky things should be swapped out every few months to help prevent allergy flare-ups. Usually, you want to replace your air filter monthly, so here's you're friendly reminder ;) So you don’t forget next month, write the date you swapped it on on the frame with a sharpie. This way, you won’t forget if you did it or not. 

Another great way to add freshness to a room is plants. Several types of plants such as English Ivy, Snake Plant, Chrysanthemums, and Spider Plants are excellent air purifiers. Check with your local farmers market or landscape supplier.


5. Follow a Checklist



To make your whole-home cleaning experience easier and more organized, we thought a checklist would be helpful.  


6. Cleaning your SUAVS

Don’t forget to clean your shoes! A clean pair of shoes will help put a little pep in your step. Follow these instructions to safely clean your SUAVS.

1. Use some spot cleaner on hard to remove spots and leave the cleaner on for a few hours or overnight. 

2. Rinse off. 

3. Remove insoles, and toss shoes in the washer or hand wash each separately. 

4. Leave out to air dry overnight. Insoles and shoes separate.




Now that you have some good tunes and a checklist, we'll leave you to your spring cleaning tasks.


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