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Planting a Garden For Beginners

Planting a Garden For Beginners


Planting a garden is a great idea in theory. You can grow your own fresh fruits and veggies, save a few bucks at the grocery store, and shrink your carbon footprint all from the comfort of your backyard. The challenge lies in keeping your plants thriving and flourishing until they’re ready to eat. If you weren’t born with a green thumb, don’t worry - we have all the foolproof tips you need to get started.

Choose The Right Location

Some plants need full light, while others require partial shade. Do your research on the best placement of your garden before deciding which fruits and veggies are worth cultivating. This guide has all of the information you need. 

Select Your Seeds

If you live in Maine, you’re probably not going to see much success growing pineapples. Consider your climate and the current season when picking which fruits, herbs, and vegetables will live happily in your garden. Want to know the best fruits and vegetables to grow during each season? Check out this helpful guide. 

Test Your Soil

It’s an extra step that might not seem worth it, but trust us - taking the time to test your soil will save you so much disappointment in the long run. 

Soil test kits are available at most hardware and gardening stores and can help you determine the PH level of your soil. Having this knowledge on hand is the best way to determine which fertilizer is best for your budding plant buddies. Once you test your soil, you don’t have to do it again for 3-5 years.

Get The Right Tools

Gloves, rakes, and a hose with a shower setting or a quality watering can are some of the basic essentials you’ll need to get started. Having the right tools on hand when you start your project will save you from getting dirt under your fingernails, and proper planting helps your plants flourish.

Dress For Digging

Gardening is (literally) a dirty job and often takes place under the scorching sun. Be sure to wear clothes you’re comfortable getting dirty, and a sun hat if it’s an especially sunny day. 

SUAVS are washable, comfortable, and flexible, making them the perfect shoes for gardening and other outdoor activities. We recommend The Legacy for gardening thanks to its sturdy rubber toe box and high-top design.

Have we inspired you to start your own garden? Let us know what fruits and vegetables you’ll be cultivating below!

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