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How To Host a Vegan Brunch

How To Host a Vegan Brunch

by Abigayle Tolbert

A breakfast spread including pancakes, eggs, berries, and flowers. Text reads: Our guide to hosting a vegan brunchWeekend brunch is one of life’s simple pleasures. Mimosas, french toast, and time spent with the people you love are just some of the reasons we look forward to Sunday mornings. Traditional breakfast fare like bacon, eggs, and sausage aren’t vegan-friendly, but our plant-based friends can still enjoy a divine brunch with just a dash of creativity.

Here are some of our favorite ways to create a delicious, plant-based brunch that appeals to whoever is at your breakfast table:

01: Drinks 

The good news? Most brands of Prosecco and champagne are vegan-friendly, so mimosas are safe to serve. In some cases though, they’re filtered with animal byproducts during a process called “fining”, so be sure to check the label before serving. 

For a non-alcoholic drink option, try out a fun mocktail! We suggest this virgin blackberry mojito as a crisp and refreshing brunch pairing. 

A photo of mimosas on a nicely set table.

02: Food

Every brunch spread is built differently. For fancier folks, there are eggs Benedict and berry crepes. For people who love finger foods, there are french toast sticks and pomme frites. No matter what your style is, we have the perfect vegan brunch recipes for you:

Finger Foods

Simple Bruschetta: Forego the cheese often used in traditional bruschetta and instead opt for this light and refreshing vegan version. Perfect for spring or summer!

Vegan Egg Bites: Move over, giant green coffee company! This homemade version of a chain favorite is made using JUST egg plant-based scramble and lots of colorful veggies.

Pancake Mini Bites: Not just for kids! These adorable pancake balls are made with just 8 ingredients, including wheat flour, and are the perfect finger food for fun with friends.

Fancier Fare

Eggs Benedict: Buttery English muffins piled high with vegan ham, creamy hollandaise sauce, and fried tofu eggs. Guaranteed to “wow” your guests!

Chick’n And Waffles: This tofu and oat-based entree marries sweet and salty flavors together seamlessly. Make sure you pick up fresh maple syrup!

Berry Crepes: Crepes are the chicest brunch offering ever. Top them with chocolate and fresh berries for a sweet meal done right.

03: Finishing Touches

Planet-happy decorations are all around us. Fill a few vases with fresh flowers, and get creative with branches and pinecones for beautiful, earthy table settings. Soy wax candles are also an excellent way to make your gathering place more serene and cozy. 

Which of these recipes sounds most delicious to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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