Going Green

8 ♻️ Bottles = 1 Pair of SUAVS

Here at SUAVS we're excited for things to come in 2020, starting with our new recycled knit!  Closing the sustainability loop is as much of a priority as creating the most comfortable, versatile shoes.

Moving forward, all current styles will be made with a 100% recycled knit derived from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (an average of 8 bottles per pair).

Continuing SUAVS Sustainable Practices

  • Using 100% vegan materials
  • Donating all extra footwear to organizations such as Soles4Souls and LifeWorks
  • Reducing material waste during manufacturing for sustainable production
  • Packaging in dual purpose boxes that function as the initial shipping box and return packaging

Other Brands Going Green


Home goods company, Newly, only uses 100% recycled or repurposed materials in their products. In just four years they've already saved 10,800 plastic bottles, turning them into beautiful eco-friendly blankets.

cross throw blanket


Designing versatile bags perfect for everyday adventures, Mafia uses upcycled spinnaker and kite sails, repurposed wetsuit/drysuit material, & salvaged climbing ropes from Yosemite.

Always on the lookout for disused sails about to be discarded, Mafia accepts sail donations and will make you a custom bag in exchange!

deep blue bag

Norton Point

Transforming ocean plastic into sustainable, socially conscious eyewear, Norton Point's passion for the ocean is always at the core of their mission. In addition to upcycling ocean plastic, Norton Point reinvests 5% of their net profit into research, education and development efforts towards stemming the impact of ocean plastic.

the tide ii

Going Green on the Daily

We're always looking for ways to incorporate more eco-friendly practices into our everyday lifestyle, and here are a few ways we try to 'go green' on the daily.

  • Making use of public transit when available
  • Walking the shorter distances
  • Keeping reusable grocery bags on hand
  • Finding ways to repurpose packaging

Here's how one SUAVS Adventurer found a second life for their SUAVS packaging!

Have any tips on how you Go Green? We'd love to hear from you! Send your tips to contact@suavshoes.com.

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  • Moonchild

    Love my Suavs! So comfortable. Vegan. Recycled. Stylish.
    Cannot get better than that.

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