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Hi! We are Blake and Jasmine Wisz, travel photographers from Michigan who love SUAVS shoes, shore breaks, and craft beverages. 

Travel is a significant part of our lives, time together, and professional endeavors. Jasmine and I met in college - Now, about seven years later, life is much different and yet we are very much the same young couple as we were when we first met. We hold down careers, working for amazing nonprofits in West Michigan, but with that responsibility, we didn’t trade in our sense of wonder for the world. 

What is the main factor in you choosing your next travel destination/destinations? 

We like to keep things spontaneous! Yet, we also like to simultaneously use reward points when traveling in one way or another. Every few years we switch to a new airline that has the best sign up deal. We build on that for about 1-2 years and make sure we put every dime we can from our expenses day to day on them. This allows us to take trips that are less cost prohibitive up front.

Once that is planned, if it is a longer trip, we connect with local resorts and companies to see if they might be in need of some quality images for social media. This is one of the hardest connections to make but when it happens it is a win-win for us and the individuals we work with.

In terms of travel locations, we tend to gravitate towards coastal towns and places where we can get in a rental car and explore.

Tips that help you incorporate travel into your lifestyle?

We are known as travelers—because we promote all our trips like a campaign. Before we set out on a trip we notify our followers and friends that we are headed to a new place. 

We then gather content like crazy and share that during and after our trips. The more content and trips we go on the more that companies and brands desire to work with us. It’s all organic and never overly planned which helps it still feel like a vacation that is pouring into the next trip or gig. 

In short, creating digital content during our travels has paved the way for 
seamlessly incorporating travel into our lifestyle. 

How do you determine the length of your stay?

The longer the better as creatives. Last year we traveled for a month and made a pit stop home for three days. We love this because it breaks up routine which leads to more creativity in our careers. It also frees us up to focus on our relationship rather than cleaning the house, fixing the thing that is broken, or overworking. 

How do you wear/style your SUAVS?

SUAVS has been the perfect shoe for me and in fact I am ready to order a couple more pairs. When traveling they fit in almost any bag or small space left over, SUAVS are an easy on and easy off.

I always toss them in just in case. They are versatile and breathable. Something perfect for trotting through the airport or going out to a nice dinner.

Any time management tips?

There is no shortcuts here with making time. The work you put in will produce the results to travel later on and how that trip is overall. When we work through our Trading Travel partnerships it takes a lot of research ahead of time to see where we want to go and who we need to connect with.

The most important thing you can do is follow up with folks. I’ve messaged people years later and have had them be essential to a good project.
People are busy but generally they want to help. When we help we feel connected. When we feel connected we are happy.

You can follow Jasmine and Blake's work here.

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