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The SUAVS 2021 End Of Year Customer Survey

The SUAVS 2021 End Of Year Customer Survey

by Monxi Garza

The results are in...

Every year, the SUAVS team sends out an end of year survey to ask subscribers about their preferences, feedback, and some general lifestyle topics.  We gather and analyze this information to help guide us in improving our product and communications and in exchange you get 200 points added to your SUAVS Rewards account.  They're also great for providing insight into what people are thinking for the next year!  Check out last year's results below.

1. How often do you wear your SUAVS?

Our goal is to create everyday, everywear shoes.  We care greatly about how much usage you can get out of each pair.  The more often you can wear your SUAVS, the more successful we have been at our purpose.  This question helps us stay on track. 

39.5% of you answered a few times a week and 33% of you answered 'Every Day / All the time'.  Only 3% of you answered 'Rarely'!

How often do you wear your SUAVS?

2. How or when do you wear your SUAVS?

The two words we always use to guide us in designing SUAVS are comfort and versatility.  When designing SUAVS, we always ask ourselves the following question: "Can these shoes be worn on at least 3 different occasions?"  We want you to get the most usage out of your SUAVS, so the more places and activities you can wear them to, the better.

Based on the results, it seems like the winning activities are: running errands, traveling, at work and commuting.

How or when do you wear your SUAVS?

3. How long have you been wearing your SUAVS?

Although we use the softest and most comfortable materials, we also want your SUAVS to have a long life.  This is in great part why we've designed your SUAVS to have removable and replaceable insoles.  So you can give your shoes a new life without having to purchase a completely new pair.

 How long have you been wearing your SUAVS?

4. Have you washed your Insoles?

We know many of you (just like us) love wearing your SUAVS without socks.  And washing the entire shoe is a hassle, so we've made keeping your SUAVS clean super easy.  Just remove the insoles and wash them on their own to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

The results show that approximately 50% of you have washed your insoles and 50% haven't or didn't know you could wash them.

Have you washed your insoles?


5. Which color would you like to see next and/or have us bring back?

We often get emails asking for new colors in existing styles and we like to keep track of these suggestions for future launches and inspiration.

The winners are: Cream, Red, Pink, Camo and Multi-Color.

Which color would you like to see next?

6. What style would you like to see next?

We typically use customer feedback to decide what style to design next, however getting your suggestions directly through the survey makes things more clear for us.

What most of you want to see next is: A Classic Sneaker.

What style would you like to see next?

7. What's the top destination on your bucket list?

We always love asking this question because it provides insight into the destinations you are thinking about and what we should be working on next. 

According to the survey results the top 3 destinations for 2022 are: Italy at number one, Japan second, and Australia 3rd.  Followed by Europe in general, Greece, Iceland, New Zealand, Hawaii, The Maldives, Spain, and Scotland.

What's the top destination on your bucket list?

8. Do you have any goals for 2022?

For many of us, 2021 was a year that taught us that nothing is forever or guaranteed and that things don't always go as planned, so we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves.  However, it's always nice to have something to look forward to and set some goals for ourselves, even if we can't always reach or complete all of them.

The top 3 goals for 2022 were: exercise more, travel more, and eat better/healthier.

Top goals for 2022


As you can see, we love pie charts.  We hope this was as fun of a read for you as it was for us to put together!  Life is a constant, learning lesson and adventure.  And at SUAVS we're always working on improving.  We hope 2022 comes with many great opportunities, joys and travels for everyone.  Cheers!

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