2 Week Packing List

My 2 Week Packing List.

Monxi Garza   Founder at SUAVS   10.28.2018

I visit China quite often.  I try to make it there at least once a year.  My family is from Wuxi, which is 45 minutes from Shanghai by train, so I always book my tickets to Shanghai first, and then plan my trips around that.

I've been working on minimizing what I pack to bring on my trips so I have extra space for things on the way back.  My strategy this time around will be to simply bring a carry on duffel.  For this trip I chose the newly launched Tortuga Setout Duffel.

Pack Light.

Packing only the essentials allows you to travel light and have extra space to bring back interesting things such as souvenirs, product samples, gifts, cool shopping you did while on your trip, etc.

Here's my packing list:


  • Passport This is a given if you're traveling outside the country.
  • Visa  Each country may have their own visa requirements.  China requires a business, tourist, or other type of Visa if planning to visit.  Make sure to double check before booking your trip.
  • Driver's License Or any other form of ID.  If you're planning on renting a vehicle for road rips, they will usually require a copy of your Driver's License.
  • Boarding Pass  Some airlines allow you to check-in online up to 24 hours before your flight.  Since I'm only bringing a carry on bag, and don't have to check any bags in, this will speed up my process at the airport. 
  • Itinerary Some countries require a guarantee that you will leave, so make sure you bring a copy of your itinerary for proof.
  • Debit / Credit Cards I usually let my bank know prior to a trip so I don't get my card blocked due to the new/unknown location.
  • Cash I like bringing a few extra dollars in cash and doing a currency exchange as soon as I arrive at my destination.

  • Unlocked Phone & Charger I usually buy a local sim card as soon as I arrive in each country so I can make local phone calls, use the web, social media and send important emails on the go.  Don't forget your charger!
  • Laptop & Charger  I carry a light weight Dell XPS 13, which allows me to design on my trips.  However, I'm planning on switching to the new Ipad Pro that is set to launch this monthThis bag has a very handy laptop compartment in one of the side, zip-up pockets.
  • Gimbal & Charger  I use the Zhiyun Smooth 4 and although heavy, this gimbal allows for smooth videos, object tracking, timelapse, and other really cool features.   I'm planning on shooting our trip through China and will be sharing it on another blog post.
  • Travel Silicone Containers  These containers are vital for my travels as I need my own shampoo, hair conditioner (I have very long hair), body soap, and lotion.  Make sure they carry 100 ml or less.
  • Femenine Products / Menstrual Cup  In efforts to reduce waste, I've been opting to use the lena cup instead.  I really like this cup because it comes with it's own little storage pouch, which is perfect for traveling.
  • Tooth brush / Tooth Paste  I find that packing these in a quick to reach place for long flights makes it easy in case you may want to brush your teeth after in flight meals or before arriving at your destination.
  • Hair Brush / Hair ties  Any person with long hair will probably benefit from bringing a small hair brush and 2-3 hair ties for windy days or outdoor activities.

    Shoe Compartments

    Built in shoe compartments are great for keeping your dirty shoes separate from your clean clothes.  The new Tortuga Setout duffel lets me pack up to 3 pairs of SUAVS in it's roomy compartment.

    •  Tops:  Since the weather will be cooler, I will pack 2 Uniqlo sleeveless heattech tops to use as an undershirt, 2 regular long sleeve tops and 1 button up top.  I will also bring 1 oversized cozy sweater that I will bring with me on the plane.
    •  Bottoms  I'll wear my most comfortable leggings on the plane and will pack 1 pair of blue jeans, 1 pair of black work pants, and 1 pair of fashionable faux leather leggings.
    •  Outerwear  1 light weight, weatherproof jacket.
    •  Underwear  7-10 pairs of undies and 2 bralettes.  I have stopped using underwired bras as they're too painful and uncomfortable, especially on long flights.  If I'm not sure I'll be able to wash my laundry on my travels, I tend to pack more just in case.
    •  Shoes I'm packing my pair of Legacy High Tops and I'm wearing my Zilkers on the plane.  What I'm loving about this new duffel is that extra shoe compartment.  Traveling means you get to walk a lot, and this means your shoes will probably be dirty.  I hate the thought of having my dirty shoes packed between my clean clothes, so this extra space really comes in handy.
    •  Socks I will only pack 4 pairs of socks as my shoes can be worn without them.
    • Scarf
    • Sunglasses / Glasses

    Traveling Light

    Apart from extra space for goodies, we also have a 40 minute layover in Detroit.  Which means we will have to speed run to the boarding gate.  

    I'm hoping that by not carrying all the extra luggage, it will make it easier for me to not miss the flight.  But I am happy to accept any good luck wishes in hopes that I make it in time!

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    • Jenny

      Looks like a good list. I always bring many toiletries.

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