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Top Travel Destinations for Instagram Pictures

Top Travel Destinations for Instagram Pictures

by George Beall
1. Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its incredible architecture and elaborate displays of wealth.  As one of the main hubs for the oil-producing region of the Middle East, this city has indoor skiing, manmade islands, water slides through aquariums, and other insane attractions perfect for Instagram.

2. Berlin

As the cultural capital of Europe, Berlin has a wide array of beautiful buildings and one of the best artist communities around the world.  Combine that with unbelievable food and natural beauty and Berlin offers any assortment of enjoyable excursions that are equally picturesque.

3. Copenhagen

Known for its colorful buildings, intricate boats, and Tivoli, Copenhagen allows travels to capture images of scenic waterways and entrancing lights.

4. Longsheng

Longsheng is an agricultural region of China and translates to “Dragon’s Backbone.”  The terraced farms, rice patties, and traditional Chinese structures can only be described as breathtaking.

5. Tanzania

Home to the largest waterfall in Africa, Tanzania features an incredible assortment of natural beauty and wildlife adventure.  Home to some of the largest populations of lions and elephants, anyone eager to partake in a safari needs to make a stop in Tanzania and take in the majestic surroundings.

6. The Rainbow Mountains

Due to shifts in the Earth’s plates, the sediment of this mountain range in China was pushed to form these unreal formations.  With varying levels of rust and chemical reactions, the Rainbow Mountains name speaks for itself, but none of your friends will understand their beauty until you show them a pic.

7. Neuschwanstein

As the inspiration for the Disney Castle, Neuschwanstein is a magnificent display of German architecture from the Medieval Era.  The stunning castle situated on a mountain has an equally breathtaking interior.  Honestly, an entire Instagram account could be dedicated to pictures of every corner of this castle.

8. Svalbard

Svalbard is a Norwegian town with beautiful Arctic landscapes, views of the Northern Lights, and abundant animals for the ultimate winter-themed photoshoot.

9. Bagan

Home to an iconic skyline of Burmese temples, there is nothing quite like the architecture of Bagan.  Taking a hot air balloon ride is a must if you want to capture the best images of the city and surrounding jungle.

10. Ta Prohm

Ta Prohm is an ancient temple in Cambodia with impressive stone creations and artistry.  Nearly untouched by looters, this is an amazing display of the ancient Cambodian culture that will impress you and all of your friends.


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