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SUAVS Life Adventures

SUAVS Life Adventures

June 29, 2019

We asked SUAVS users to share their #SUAVSlife adventures
Here are their stories

Amy Ugwuh

I took my SUAVS on a 14,000ft jump to celebrate my 35th birthday in Milwaukee, WI! We bought my Dad a jump for Christmas and to get back at us he bought jumps for all the siblings so he wouldn’t have to jump alone. I got so many compliments about my SUAVS from family and friends and they were the perfect shoe to jump with. Thankfully they helped me land safely back on Earth after a 50 second free-fall and three minute parachute ride! I love my SUAVS!

Diane Reed

Last month, my husband and I took a train trip to the Grand Canyon for our 50th anniversary. We had a great time but the weather was terrible. We woke up to an inch of snow and sleet coming down. This was the end of May! My SUAVS kept my feet warm. Whenever I wear these, I get compliments. Love my shoes!

David Palmer

Hey! I bought my SUAVS for my trip to Europe where I trekked every terrain imaginable! From the streets of Paris to the Swiss Alps, my SUAVS were there every step of the way. The fact that they pack up so easily meant I could pack more clothes for such a long trip. And even when they got dirty, I could rinse them off, set them out to dry and be ready for the next adventure with clean kicks! These shoes are a HUGE asset for anyone traveling or just needing a SUPER comfy, lightweight shoe to get around in. Already planning my next purchase of SUAVS! 

Keep Trekking, 

What does your #SUAVSlife look like?  

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