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Comfy & Sustainable Workwear

Comfy & Sustainable Workwear


Heading into the office can feel like a hassle, especially if you’re still accustomed to working from the comfort of your sweatpants. While workwear rules have become more relaxed in recent years, you still (sadly) can’t wear your favorite oversized, bleach-stained crew neck to the office. 

We have the next best thing - clothes that are as stylish and work-appropriate as they are comfortable. The best part? Every item on our list was made sustainably. From statement sweaters to ultra-soft trousers, here are our favorite places to shop for sustainable workwear:


Founded in 2006, Threads 4 Thought designs and produces apparel that has a positive impact on people and an innately smaller impact on our planet. Their store carries a variety of casual apparel that was designed with the planet in mind. 

For your next day at the office, we recommend:


Everlane works to do their part by building an ethical supply chain that creates high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting products. They carefully consider our materials and work to reduce waste, chemicals, and plastics that endanger our planet’s people and ecosystems. Their timeless basics are designed to last—so making the right choice by the planet can be as simple as putting on a T-shirt.

For your next day at the office, recommend: 

The ANDI Brand

The ANDI brand creates products that are 100% vegan and 95% of them incorporate materials made from post-consumer recycled plastics. They use eco-friendly dyes and processes to reduce water usage for all of their fabrics. Their hang tags are even made with post-consumer recycled paper and our packaging is recyclable.

To accessorize, we recommend: 


All of the shoes made at SUAVS are 100% vegan and made from plastic water bottles and other post-consumer threads. They’re designed to be worn anywhere, with any outfit, making them perfect for office wear and casual threads alike. Here are some of our favorite styles to wear into the office:

For your feet, we recommend:

Did any of these sustainable brands stick out to you? Let us know in the comments below what your favorite cozy outfit to wear to work is.

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