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The Ultimate Guide for the Best Staycation

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Staycation

by Danielle Schulman

By Danielle Shulman

Travel plans are turning out a lot different this year. As the majority of us had to cancel or reschedule our well-deserved time away, many others are getting creative with their vacation time.

We are not big fans of staying indoors on the couch all day, which is why we created the ultimate staycation ideas!

Right in Your Own Backyard

While the whole idea of traveling is to get away from home, since for many of us, that is not possible, we have fun ways to turn your backyard into your own little relaxing oasis.

Get Comfy with a hammock, chair, or chaise loungers. Add a throw pillow or umbrella for an extra zen vibe. Once you have your lounge spot, add some good tunes, a book, or water feature. By water feature we mean inflatable pool.

We know that it may not be as fun as a beach 2,000 miles away, but taking the time to relax and soak up the sun can still be fun, even if it is in your own backyard.

Aroundtown Scavenger Hunt

Your own town can become an adventure if you know what to look for. A popular trend over the last few years are kindness rocks. People decorate rocks and leave them all around for others to find. Some even create series “like comic books” for people to collect. This fun idea is a great way to get out, explore, and spread some kindness.

Another fun idea is to create scavenger hunts with your friends. Create a game board of cool objects/places either themed to where you live or that you would find in nature. Snap a selfie, and whoever can complete the challenge first can win. We suggest the grand prize be something fun like a pair of shoes from our Zilker Collection.

Looking for ideas for a scavenger hunt? Check out this game board below!

Hiking, Campaign, Canoeing and Adventure

Do a little research to see where the closest or best place nearby is to camp, hike, canoe, or other outdoor adventure. Depending on how comfortable you feel staying somewhere outside the home, there are many great options outside your own town.

Hiking is a great way to enjoy some alone time or while social distancing with a friend. The fresh air and beautiful scenery are a nice change of place plus it gets you outdoors and away from the home. If you are going out for the whole day, we recommend you bring some snacks. Try these Best Hiking Snacks.

If you are lucky enough to live within a drivable distance to a great campsite or national park, go! Many people don’t consider somewhere a vacation if they can drive there. But, sometimes the best places to explore and have fun are right in your own “backyard”.

Look into other ways to explore and find adventure. Many places are renting out camping, canoeing and other outdoor equipment so you can get out of the house and have some fun. Ask a friend or call your local sporting good store and ask if they have recommendations for places to go.

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