Roman Gonzalez - Gardenio

Roman Gonzalez, Founder & CEO of Gardenio

Can you tell us a little bit about Gardenio and what you do as Founder & CEO of it?

At Gardenio we are fundamentally a food relationship company, we are trying to reconnect people to their food and we are doing so by helping them grow it.

Farming has been around for 20,000 years, we should be amazing at growing food! But we are not. I am not, I killed 11 out my first 13 plants and that’s actually how Gardenio came to be. I thought why not give gardening a structured experience and use technology to make it accessible to anybody?

At Gardenio, I do most everything when it comes to the company right now so I make sure the company grows. All of the design all of the branding all the managing of social media, operations, logistics, I do a bit of everything at Gardenio.

Any good advice you received along the way during the process of developing, Gardenio?

Seek Advice.

To ask for help, for a lot of founders it’s easy to hone in and bunker down but what I’ve found again and again is that people are very willing to help not just for your company but for you as an individual. So I believe one of the best things people can do is broadcast, candidly “hey this is a challenge I am facing, I am looking for this”.

It’s common to face challenges and I’ve found out that people are willing to help, you just need to be willing to ask for it.  

Best trip you’ve take and why? 

South East Asia. Went to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore!

It has been my longest trip so far, three and a half weeks. Regularly I am ready to go home after five, seven days but the constant moving of cities, exploring, new foods and the enriching and humbling experiences just made me want to keep traveling beyond the three and a half weeks.

This trip was so valuable to me because it gave me clarity on what the ultimate end goal is which is to work hard now in order to have the freedom to continuously explore and learn.

How do you wear/style your SUAVS - How do they help you on a day-to-day basis?

One of the great things about being a founder, one of the reasons why I am doing it, is that I find myself in all kinds of different situations all the time.

Sometimes it’s sitting down in front of a computer for a long period of time. Other times it’s going out and tending to our plants. Other times it’s having to lift up and bag soil and then going from that to a pitch meeting. I definitely find myself in a lot of different environments.

One of the reasons I love my SUAVS is they are incredibly versatile, they are easy to put on. I slip them on, walk out and I never have to worry whether it will be the right shoe or not. Given the different kinds of environments I find myself in, and the fact that SUAVS are breathable it makes me comfortable to know that I can go from working in the garden where it’s hot and dirty to my next meeting.

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